Why Choose Jetters Only

Why Choose Jetters Only?
We have been providing Hydro-Jetting service to our commercial, industrial & residential customers for over 22 years.
Licensed - Bonded - Insured
Residential Service- Have us Hydro Jett your main sewer line before replacing it. Our Root Rat Jetter head is designed to remove the toughest roots from your sewer line.
Services We Offer
Hydro-Jetting for Commercial, industrial & residential. Plumbing repair - Sewer repair, Re-pipe. Sewer line Camera inspection.

We service the following industries

Jetters Only offers routine Jetting maintenance plans, designed to fit your business needs. Keeping your sewer lines clean will help you avoid emergency backups during your busiest times.
Plumbing problems always occur at the worst times. When they do happen, the priority is getting your business working properly again—so you can concentrate on your customers.
Property Management Companies
Save time and money with Hydro-Jetting, we have Jetted single story apartments to 8 story apartment / condo buildings. Don't waste your time and money running cable machines clean the line right the first time. Keep you tenants happy and avoid property damage.
Commercial Buildings
We have Jetted single story to high rise buildings, Our Hydro-Jetter will remove all buildup in your sewer lines from 1-1/2" to 10" in diameter. Our Jetter supplies 4000psi and up to 16 gallons per minute to remove the heaviest buildup.
Have you been told your main sewer line needs to be replaced? Before you start digging give us a call most root blockages can be cleared with our exclusive Root Rat Jetter nozzle which pulverizes most roots.

Clients Testimonial

Jetters Only has provided our Jetting and plumbing services for over 20 years.  They provide the best service we have been able to find.  Jetters does not over charge or do repairs that are not needed.  Thanks for all the years of service and we appreciate  your fast reliable service.

District Manger Burger King

Thank you very much the support your company has provided over the years, we have had plumbers tell us huge repairs are needed but Jetters always fixes the problem with out taking advantage.  They are really wonderful in their care and in the resolution of the problems that arise running a restaurant.

KFC franchise owner

We had a local plumbing company tell us our main sewer line had to be replaced, we were referred to Jetters from a friend and they came out and Jetted the line and cleared all the roots and we have been trouble free for 8 months now.  Thank you Jetters for saving us!!

Great Customer service!!!

Mike from Burbank

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